Trance Dance
Who Am I
Shama’s life motto is “A day with passion is a day lived”.

Ever since Shama was a little girl she had a zest for adventures and was always curious about life. Being raised and spending 40+ years in Sweden has affected her life substantially.

After practicing as a licensed physical therapist in Sweden for over 25 years an exciting opportunity to move to the west coast of America with her family developed.

Using her past training in movement, body, and mind her passion for golf quickly helped her develop into an inspiring coach for people young and old.

Shama’s interest and passion for health & body movements led her to Yoga which she delved deep into while becoming a certified Yoga teacher.

While delving deeper into her personal & spiritual growth, she participated in a multitude of workshops about relationships, leadership, and community building.

Because of her own cross atlantic migration, she feels it is her “duty” to give what ever she can to the community to serve the individuals so they can passionately pursue their Purpose in life so Action can be taken.

Shama desired finding a transformational method where people could discover true meaning, deep healing & self discovery beyond Coaching, physical therapy, and Yoga.

In early 2000 Shama discovered Trance Dance, and immediately understood that this is what she had been looking for.

Shama became a Trance Dance facilitator in 2007, and has developer her Trance Dance offering into an unparalleled and unique experience which she has shared all over the world with over 1000 people.
Shama creates customized playlists for her Trace Dance and often enhancing the experience with live percussionist drummers and digeridoo musicians.

While participants are blind folded and using specific breathing techniques, Shama facilitates her Trance Dance using a unique blend of meditation, body movement, healing sounds, dynamic percussive rhythms.

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