Trance Dance
Anna-Lena “Shama” Gustavsson

Born in Sweden and moved to USA 1991 and lives in Ventura, Ca
Physical Therapist graduated from Lunds University Sweden

Specialist in Children’s Rehabilitation

Teaching degree in Physical Therapy

My private Physical Therapy practice in Sweden

Acupuncture certification

Health and Sport related stress reduction courses

Peak Potential Quantum leap Personal Growth program

Warrior Sage Personal Growth Program

Landmark Education

Yoga Teacher, graduated from Sivanada Yoga Farm

Trance Dance facilitator (Wilbert Alix education

Happily raised 4 children

Played Golf at a Community Women’s Golf team for 2 years

Assistant Golf Coach for 2 years

Divorce in 1996 managed to deepen, evolve and continuing living a fulfilling life in a US with no other support than the children as the community in the beginning, and built a network of extended family and friend to support and serve to the greater good.
Facilitated and still does many Women’s work shop/play shops “Move, Love and Appreciate your Body”

Facilitated  60+ Trance Dances all over the world from the west coast of California, to large festivals like Burning Man, to Canada, and Sweden.

Co created a Board Game for network marketer
Ponder This
Your Body
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