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February 2, 2014
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A month of acceptance and peptalks into actions.

If it to be its up to me..the leadership conferences leaders words are  ringing in my ears..

Being 24/7 for this whole month with my mother who is suffering with the debilitating decease Alzheimers has got me thinking for real How do I plan for my own aging while I have my Physical and Mental Health..

Acceptance is ringing hard. So easy to go into not need to..I am entitle...I have time..and so on..and yes that is some kind of acceptance.

The acceptance I am referring to now is the true acceptance about change.Lets start with one that is coming up in my life often...

My mom looks in the mirror and start crying.."who is this ugly person"? and a little Gremlin within me whispers don't you say that to yourself often when you look..., maybe not the exact words, however...words that creates a resistance to what is, and a longing to what was...

Acceptance to accept change...

1. When negative thoughts arrive simply notice and let them come through...

2. If they stay, notice and play the game by observing where they end up in the body, if they are in the head, the throat, the chest, the back the stomach or the thighs or legs or knees or feet...if they are clasping if they have a certain temperature, are they small,big,do they have color... notice without judgement.

3. When the feeling that there is space in the body that the breath can flow free notice the breath and follow it.The in breath and the out breath...notice what happens to the the stomach to the chest...just notice..

4. Now the body is calm and gratitude can follow..What am I grateful for and list as many things you least 3!

5. A feeling of Yes, might appear and that is the what next post will be about

Bye for now and keep smiling...fake it until you can FEEL it!!!

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