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The Feeling of YES
February 5, 2014
Category: Inspiration
The feeling of Yes!!

I am sure you have moments of that Yes feeling. When inspiration and an energy surge is coming over you...What do you do then?

If we come back to noticing and observing what trigger that and what feelings arose,we are more likely to be able to act on it...maybe at once or at least make a mental or preferable put what thought what idea what creation you got that made you feel YES!!!! in a note book.

I love notebooks..I write in them. I draw in them and I put in for me important reminders what I would like to create, do or write about..Writing a blog about what happen with me and my pilgrimage journey has been in my notebooks as an idea for a long time...and here it is! Your life is an amazing story so please share your story and your journey..You are welcome to do so here...what YES! story do you have?

Please comment below.

Every year I have promised myself to learn something new or dig into something very deep that I might just have surfaced before..this year I am shooting towards being able to do splits...Now why on earth do I want to do that? I got a YES! feeling when I see acrobats and gymnasts..I get so inspired and I feel if I can get my hips flexible enough I will feel super great!

I am in acceptance of change. I am born 1945, which add up to 68 years of experiences...and I have never been able to do a split! I am going to change that...My practice and talk about healthy hips and lower back will follow in my next blog!

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