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Healthy Hips and Lower Back
February 10, 2014
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Everything in you your body is connected in some way or another.

So to isolate training for just hips and lower back is of course not goal is to be able to do a split as easy and as great as my body allows me with proper training. So my training is focused on my hips and all the muscles around my lower back and hips. Now what also is needed is coordination, balance and core body strength and since I love dance I am adding that part in too. Dance will give me condition and fun inbetween the more "serious" practices. Look at my picture where I am now 26 of February 2014. I am close, but not quite there, the last bit is the hardest...and I am determined to fulfill my goal and it is going to look pretty too!

Write down a goal for you, maybe it is to be feel more mobil and stronger in your back. Have better posture, have more strength in your legs/knees etc...your goal can be something that can be reached soon or as in my case take a longer time. I have given myself 1 year!..

Tell someone about your goal and ask them to hold you accountable for what you have set up for your personal goal and how to achieve it.

Now time to be honest and do an assessment on how the body feel, and what one is  willing to do about the discovery..It is all about taking RESPONSIBILITY.

If it is to be, its up to me..has to be a mantra for you as it is for me. In that mantra I am also including fun and between when I really do my practice I dance, have fun with other things like reading, and spend time with my other passion golf.

Time to does not matter what your goal is, your condition and mobility is crucial...we start with

Sun Salutation!

Sun Salutation, is a series of 12 postures performed in a single, graceful flow. Each movement is coordinated with the breath. Inhale as you extend or stretch, and exhale as you fold or contract. The Sun Salutation builds strength and increases flexibility. Different styles of yoga perform the Sun Salutation with their own variations. However, the flow presented below covers core steps used in most styles.

For the series below, a single round consists of two complete sequences: one for the right side of the body and the other for the left.

1. Mountain

Begin by standing in Mountain pose, feet about hip width apart, hands either by your sides or in prayer position. Take several deep breaths.

2. Hands up

On your next inhale, in one sweeping movement, raise your arms up overhead and gently arch back as far as feels comfortable and safe.

3. Head to knees

As you exhale, bend forward, bending the knees if necessary, and bring your hands to rest beside your feet.

4. Lunge

Inhale and step the right leg back

5. Plank

Exhale and step the left leg back into plank position. Hold the position and inhale.

6. Stick

Exhale and lower yourself as if coming down from a pushup. Only your hands and feet should touch the floor.

7. Upward Dog

Inhale and stretch forward and up, bending at the waist. Use your arms to lift your torso, but only bend back as far as feels comfortable and safe. Lift your legs up so that only the tops of your feet and your hands touch the floor. It's okay to keep your arms bent at the elbow.

8. Downward dog

Exhale, lift from the hips and push back and up.

9. Lunge

Inhale and step the right foot forward.

10. Head to knees

Exhale, bring the left foot forward and step into head-to-knee position.

11. Hands up

Inhale and rise slowly while keeping arms extended.

12. Mountain

Exhale, and in a slow, sweeping motion, lower your arms to the sides. End by bringing your hands up into prayer position. Repeat the sequence, stepping with the left leg.

Do at least one or two rounds of the Sun Salutation. You'll feel the difference. 

If you have difficulty with balance ,have a chair in front  of you and by the side so you can hold on to it.  The main thing is to change into different positions and to always protect your lower back by thinking that the navel should be pushed towards your spine
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