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June 8, 2014

Yesterday I watched a video a young woman posted...she talked about Male Entitlement.....and women still being used as sex object and worth less...(still woman are paid less for equal job in many places)wow that moved me back to the 1970 when I was in the forefront and had lots of opinion and discussions about equality and the looking at a woman as a sex object... I was literally moved back 40 years..I have experience many situations here in California that is sexists and discriminating and I am so Happy that the social network might be a solution to get all people to THINK and ACT as EQUAL HUMAN BEings... We all have responsibility (we all are able to respond)Men and Women..there is no ENTITLEMENT(
the condition of having a right to have, do, or get something. : the feeling or belief that you deserve to be given something (such as special privileges). In My belief there is no Entitlement for anything for anyone..PERIOD... Oh I hear lots of buts. This is how I see it.(As my teacher Satyen Raja says do not believe one word I say...try it out yourself and then apply or leave it) We have pre arranged agreements and we have barder however those ought to be within a prearranged agreement..If not we get to be better making agreements...for our own self-worth so to say! We are all here together..we all have a role and we are all guilty pointing fingers at the flaws in others and having emotions about BEing used.The BEing is perfect and cant be used or hurt it IS...Emotions are often grounded in an ego based head issue that is not the BEing. Real feelings comes from our soul and if we listen and quite down we might hear that we are partly responsible too...we have a part in this situation...It is an inside job iI always start within ..So what dies and what lives on....What worth do I give myself credit for...and how can I deepen my own transformation into an equal non judgmental Human BEing...Self worth...What" I am work in practice on" is giving more gratitude towards all the things that really my body in my life!!! I am letting the better part of me show up more bright...and feeling great about BEing me..and supporting others to do the same Together we are BEing IT ! I do vote everyones Victory and make it fun and easy!
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