Trance Dance
An example of my routines..
April 1, 2014
How wonderful to have many places to call "home" and also being aware that "home' is where my heart is and since my heart is with me..well you get the picture.
Where ever you go there you are...
My practice is going pretty good.
Here is one of my routines.
Wake up and stretch like a cat before even getting out of bed.Roll around..arms over head, turn around to the stomach,fly like an airplane and move back into child's pose. and BREATHE deeply and sigh on the exhales in deeply contentment that a new day is here.

I get up and grab my Meditation Book. Stephen Levine (Guided Meditations,Explorations and Healings ) and I read my Loving Kindness meditation.

A couple of Sun Salutations and then I am ready for my first intake

A full glass of fresh water and a whole squeezed lemon. Because I am committed to get my hips and all the muscles around them lean,long and able to fulfill my goal to do the split for the Family Christmas performance I take every situation as a practice.While I squeeze my lemon I have my leg up on the counter and STRETCH... first one leg and then the other.

That goes when I am brushing my teeth too! I also add SQUATTING  when I am brushing my teeth. Saying we do not have time to exercise is another deep rooted justification excuse ...just saying! 

Routines are very hard to brake and also very challenging to change..I vote though everyone's victory to start Loving, Liking and Laughing while changing not supporting routines to healthy routines!

Ready for breakfast that now includes, gluten free  toast with avocado as spread and an organic cheese slice, on top of that cucumber slices, lot of them and sprinkle of himalayan salt and lemon pepper. Yes, I do have a cup of coffee with milk organic of course!

I wait with my yoga exercises until evening because my body is liking that better.Learn to listen when there is least resistance to exercise and also understand there has to be a discipline and a commitment towards your own decision to change.
A great way is to to have a practice buddy or someone you can appoint to hold you accountable to your practice. Tell them your goals and make mini goals and then you also have someone to celebrate with and feel good with and the support you get is great.
I have done this so many time and for me it works very good. I have in me so many routines and I feel so good when I am on it and still I have to "fight" the little voice, my Gremlin its ok you do not have to do this today etc etc...and in that moment I say with a a fake smile you can't get me. I am in charge and suddenly the smile is for real and I am doing some of my routines.

Observe, feel and take actions..actions are so much loader than the little voice and the rewards are so fulfilling. I Love my body temple and I will take care of you as great as I am able to! That is one of my mantras.

I put on my 5 toes shoes and off I go 1 hour of walk-run since I am visiting Ventura it is happening by the beach. At Heartland it is happening around the lake.

Now ever since I read "Born to run" I love running, running for the sake of running,like kids are running, for the joy of moving,for the fun of feeling my feet embracing the earth, the wind caressing my face and the heart pumping with life force and the breath moving me forward! Yes thats the way I run...slow and joyfully for the heck of it !

Home and shower and some computer work, and knitting of course, my new hobby. One of my creation is born his name is Lukas! A knitted doll who is very cool and has a life of his own!.Yes I live a great life and I choose to continue with joy and ease.
Until next time!

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