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25 Random Thoughts About Me
March 5, 2014
Category: General
Okā€¦these are RANDOM...enjoy!

  • I love moving furniture around
  • My order in the cupboard is of no importance
  • I love the smell of Lily of the Valley
  • I have my wedding song picked out
  • I was good at Bow and Arrow when I was in my 20
  • I have a dream of being in a Musical
  • I played Cinderella when I was in 1st grade
  • When my closet is messy watch out, I am not feeling good.
  • I am crying when The National Anthem is playing
  • I am learning to play the Violin, Didgeredoo and Native American flute
  • I wanted to go to Biafra, Africa to work with children when I graduated from college
  • I worked with physical and mentally disabled children for 20 years
  • I had my own PT studio in Sweden and I started Walking Groups as a part of my work, to get people into health and wellness.
  • I have stress management education
  • I love to sing and dance, well that you all probably know!
  • I have a brother who is in the Swedish Olympic committee
  • I have another brother who is the EM champion in 800 and 1500 meter running! Yippee you go Per!
  • I had a horse named Butterscotch
  • I lived in Indiana for almost 3 years
  • I lived with my grandmother between 4 and 7 years of age. Mormor I love you!
  • I listen to my fathers recording when I miss him.
  • I take improv classes
  • My passion for golf has taking me around the world in the Awesome Eight Golf Challenge . I want to share that experience with everyone.

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